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A Day of Firsts

A storyteller's secret weapon...

Yesterday I ran my first private book party for a charming group of Brownies. I started by reading a letter I had received from the Bookstore Fairies, who had left three eggs hidden in the store for the Brownies to find. Inside the eggs were clues (in rhyme, of course; fairies love rhyme) as to what the fairies’ favourite stories were. Much fun (and grape punch) was had.

The stories I used were Elsie Piddock Skips in Her Sleep, a personal favourite of mine which is available now in a longer format picturebook and has lots of fun skipping rhymes and turns of phrase; The Mud Fairy, a new picture book about a fairy who’d rather play in the mud with frogs than waste time being dainty and delicate (Amen, sister); The Night Fairy, which I have already gushed about at great length on this blog; and Flower Fairies Magical Doors: Discover the Doors to Fairyopolis, which was suggested to me by the store’s fabulous storyteller, and boy was she right. If you ever want to spellbind a group of sixteen 8 year old girls, pop-up fairy books are the way to go.

First number two: I booked my first school visit as a  professional author! This September I will be speaking to grade seven students at a local school about my book and hopefully the writing process in general. I love working with kids and  creating workshops, and so I am very much looking forward to this part of my career. I have so many ideas, the problem will be narrowing them down. Let the brainstorming commence!

A good day indeed.

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