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Wingardium Leviosa vs Smizing

Oh, celebrities! When will you stop ruining YA? Isn’t it bad enough that Lauren Conrad has a three book deal? I had to re-read the description of Tyra Bank’s new YA series Modelland a few times because I was waiting for the punchline. I’m still not convinced that this isn’t some sort of elaborate hoax. Does it get any better (or worse) than “in a concept that marries Harry Potter and Top Model..?” 

I can see it now: “Ten magical models stand before me, but I only have nine photos in my hand…” I wonder what Rowling thinks of this?

3 thoughts on “Wingardium Leviosa vs Smizing”

  1. Is this a real thing? This is either the most delicious trainwreck I’ve ever heard of, or the most sadly believable joke perpetrated by a celebrity in a while…

    Excellent reportage, Ms. Vansickle!

  2. We laugh, but Tyra will probably approach you with a fat ghostwriting contract any minute now. Not that I doubt a model’s literary skills or anything…. (*cough*)

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