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Three Cheers for The Melancholic Mermaid!

Note: this cover art is not final, but it sure is gorgeous!

My beautiful and talented friend Kallie George has a picture book coming out this fall. She is my Vancouver soulmate and partner in crime when it comes to writing and I could not be more thrilled for her, especially after seeing the illustrations. Check this out!

Having read earlier versions of this poignant fairytale about a circus boy and a lonely mermaid, I know the story will be tender and unique and Kallie’s word choice is always sublime, but this artwork really puts the icing on the cake. I can’t wait to share The Melancholic Mermaid with my friends and customers this fall. Congrats, Kallie!

2 thoughts on “Three Cheers for The Melancholic Mermaid!”

  1. I’m so excited that a generation of young readers will be running about using the word “melancholic” in everyday speech. This looks beautiful.

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