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Attention All Book Buyers…

One of my favourite parts of working in a bookstore is entering the catalogues. I love flipping through the glossy pages of new releases months before they are available, checking out new trends and getting excited for the next book season. Of course it’s doubly exciting when the book you’re entering is your own…

Ta da!

The Scholastic catalogues arrived and what do I find but my own book staring up at me from page 10! There it is, my book and my name in print for the world (or at least the world of book buyers and sellers) to see. Having sneaked a peek at the online catalogue, I knew what it was going to look like, but it is much more exciting to hold a copy of something in your hand than it is to peruse it online.*

I was pleasantly surprised to see Words That Start With B featured along with Erin Bow’s juicy-looking upcoming teen fantasy Plain Kate in a featurette called Fresh New Voices in Fiction. I did a little happy dance and gushed with a co-worker before going back to my regular day to day tasks. Just one more exciting step on the road to realizing a former pipedream: publication! 

*Don’t get me started on the e-reader debate…

7 thoughts on “Attention All Book Buyers…”

  1. So excited. Like too much for words or for twitter-length posts. I did a little jump today when I saw the promo bookmark. My friend is going to be so famous…

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