Love From Lainey

Even Ben Affleck Reads Kids Books...

If I haven’t made it blatantly obvious, one of my missions in life is to bring people joy and enlightenment through YA literature, and so it was with great pleasure that I compiled a personalized list for my favourite sassy gossip blogger, Elaine Lui, of Lainey Gossip and CTV’s etalk*. Lainey often gives her two cents about great books, and it turns out we have very similar tastes in both adult and YA fiction. Lainey and I have been trading gush-fests about our fave teen titles, and today she gave me a shout-out in her intro!

How cool is THAT?

*Celeb gossip may be a guilty pleasure of mine, but I like my fluff to have a little substance. Enter smart-mouthed, book savvy Lainey- her blog is one of the highlights of my nutella-on-toast-and-mint-tea-while-browsing-the-internet morning ritual.

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