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Sunny, Sunny Summer Days

Ahhh, the joys of summer

I’ve been doing a lot of adult reading lately,* and am looking forward to delving back into the YA.** Now that summer is in full swing (hello, summer solstice!) I will be on the look out for books that promise one or all of the following things:

– Ocean or lake side setting

– Mystery- preferably featuring ghosts, or some sort of old family secret that gets unearthed.

– A wee bit of a romance-if it’s unrequited, all the better

– A thunderstorm- because all books that take place during a long, hot summer must have a thunderstorm that serves as both plot device and metaphorical tool.

– A tagline that  goes something like “a summer she’ll never forget,”  or possibly, “the summer everything changed”

Books I have read in the past that would fit into this category include Olive’s Ocean, Looking at the Moon, Gravesavers, Tuck Everlasting, The Summer I Turned Pretty, The Uninvited, A Corner of the Universe, etc. As you can see, these are some pretty big shoes to fill. Let the search begin! As always, I will keep you updated on my finds.

After reading Shelf Elf’s review, I’m thinking of starting here- does a cover get more summery than this?

Doesn't this cover make you want a glass of lemonade?

*Adult meaning adult literary fiction, not something labelled XXX with more pictures than words. I love me my Canlit. 

**Not that I haven’t enjoyed my adult reads. Annabel, by Kathleen Winter, is one of my new favourite books. It is breathtaking. Sometimes I had to pause between chapters just so I could savour her language and let the story sink under my skin. Look for this book come award season, and in the meantime, get to the nearest bookstore and pick it up!

2 thoughts on “Sunny, Sunny Summer Days”

  1. Oh to be floating on a raft of booky happiness. Right. Now.

    Inspired by your post, I went out and got my hot little June hands on The Summer I Turned Pretty. That’ll be up first.

    Maybe you should try THE TALE OF HALCYON CRANE? It’s adult, but it has lakeside setting, mystery, dark family secrets and a grand Victorian house. That might work.

    Happy Summer Reading Vikki!

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