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B is for Bookshop Display

Every author's dream, a beautiful window display.

Cathy Francis, one of the proprietors of The Flying Dragon Bookshop, is famous for her fabulous window displays.

The Undisputed Window Wizard and I infront of her latest piece of Window art. Take that, Holts.

They have been featured by the Quill and Quire and nominated for various awards.

People stop by all the time to comment on how beautiful they are- I have even received phone messages from customers who walked by at night and were so moved that they rushed home to call us. So you can imagine how thrilled I am that the fall window is featuring my book.

I also own a pair of these shoes in red...

Cathy has thought of every detail, from the pink shoes (those who know me know I have a variety of coloured flats) to the pages of my manuscript that adorn the window (as backdrop and in the typewriter). It’s bright, fun, and eye-catching- exactly what one wants in a window. I am lucky to be supported by my amazing Flying Dragon family. It’s not every day an author gets such an awesome window display. I am a lucky girl, indeed!

Come check out the window in person and while you’re at it, pick up a copy of Words That Start With B, available as of September 1st! That’s one week people, I can barely contain myself.

Window dressing.

5 thoughts on “B is for Bookshop Display”

  1. That is sooo amazing! What a lovely window display. Especially love the typewriter and shoes bit. Oh, and of course the ginormous poster! Can’t wait to get my hands on your book.

  2. I like how the blue and green unbrella ties in with C.’s jeans…and then further to the fluff lining on the floor. Tempers the strong pinks and yellows. 😉

    The shoes and typewriter are genius.

    This is a (deservedly) sassy, sassy window. And that’s a sassy, sassy photo, Vikki. Congraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats!!!!

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