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B is for (homeward) Bound

Woodstock Hearts Cows. Especially the infamous record-breaking Springbank Snow Countess.

This Saturday, November 20th, I will be returning home to Woodstock, ON for a signing at Merrifield’s Book Shop. This is the bookstore I went to as a child, so returning as an author is a little bit surreal and very exciting.

Although I never name the town where all the action takes place, Words That Start With B is set in rural South Western Ontario. This setting is very much influenced by my own small town childhood. Once upon a time, the city’s slogan was Woodstock: A Beautiful Place to Grow*, which was a nod to the farming and agricultural background of the city, but also speaks to what a family-friendly place Woodstock is. I have fond memories of my early years, and I am excited about the event this weekend.

If you’re in town, I’d love to chat with you! I am looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. The fun starts at 1pm. Merrifield’s is located at 471 Dundas Street in Woodstock. 

*Perhaps it still is the slogan. In any case, I remember owning a neon yellow t-shirt with the city logo and this slogan written across the front in forest green. This was back in grade 5 when city pride and fluorescent colours were popular. It disturbs me that this colour combination is back in style.

4 thoughts on “B is for (homeward) Bound”

  1. Gah.
    I just hate, hate hate hate that I can’t be there for this book launch.
    I can’t wait to read it when I get home!
    Also–B is for BLOGGING! Wooo Blogs!

  2. Also, I think we won those yellow t-shirts and green hats from some recycling art contest in Grade 5. I remember going to city hall with you for that. I’m sure my mom has some old newspaper clipping of the photo op.

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