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The Twelve Books of Christmas: Wombat Divine

It is Christmas, a season of lists and countdowns (among other things). So to satisfy my need to list things, I present The Twelve Books of Christmas. I will be blogging about my 12 favourite seasonal books, in no particular order. So without further adieu…

On the first day of Christmas, my true love read to me…this Mem Fox classic!

For those who are looking for a gentle Christmas story with traditional content AND Australian animals, look no further than this sweet Aussie story about lovable Wombat who desperately wants a role in the nativity play. Kerry Argent’s warm illustrations perfectly capture the hope and enthusiasm of roly-poly wombat as he inadvertently causes havoc at every stage of the rehearsal process. Your heart will go out to poor wombat as the roles become fewer. But there is a role that wombat is perfectly suited for…and it is arguably the most important role of all.

Mem Fox’s text is sensitive, gently humourous, and contains a satisfying conclusion. Not that this is surprising. The sublime Mem rarely takes a mis-step where picture books are concerned. But equally enchanting are Kerry Argent’s illustrations. She is especially good with faces. Wombat’s expression will tug at your heartstrings and make you laugh out loud.

FYI- Wombat Divine would make an excellent puppet play, should you be so inclined…

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