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The Twelve Books of Christmas: The Christmas Giant

On the second day of Christmas, my true love read to me this crafty classic!

 Humphrey the giant and Leetree the elf have a lovely friendship. Not only are they the best of friends, they have the distinguished job of making the wrapping paper for all of Santa’s gifts. This concept allows author/illustrator Steve Light to create some of the cutest and craftiest problem-solving illustrations I’ve ever seen. Adorable elf  wearing  stamps on his feet to decorate wrapping paper? Yes, please! But once their job is done, Humphrey and Leetree are sad. That is until Santa entrusts them with the momentus task of growing and caring this year’s holiday tree for Christmastown. But when an unexpected disaster occurs, Humphry and Leetree find themselves improvising, and the result is both clever and satisfying.

Light’s simple, effective text emphasizes opposites in a complimentary way. Humphrey and Leetree may be opposites, but together they are the perfect team. When caring for the tree, Humphrey trims the high branches and Leetree trims the low ones. Humphrey moves the big rocks, and Leetree pulls the small weeds. There is much fun to be had with this text. Light provides lots of opportunity for playful voices and interaction when reading aloud.

This is just as much a book about friendship and problem solving as it is about Christmas. Don’t forget, picture books are not just for kids! The Christmas Giant is an excellent gift for the crafty adults on your list. I know my crafty roommate just loves it. Her work is just as adorable as Humphrey and Leetree’s creations. Check it out here.

2 thoughts on “The Twelve Books of Christmas: The Christmas Giant”

  1. Excellent.
    Your roommate’s work IS just as crafty and adorable!
    Come and do a book your down under? Just saying?
    P.S you’ve officially been blogrolled on my blog 🙂

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