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I Love Teachers, Teachers Love B Words!

Me at my hometown book launch with one of my favourite teachers

This post is subtitled, To Sir, With Love. Cue Lulu now…

Words That Start With B got an excellent review in Professionally Speaking: The Magazine for the Ontario College of Teachers. You can check it out here. A good review is always welcome, but this one means a lot to me. This one comes from the wilds of education, from teachers who are working closely with my intended age group  and reading all sorts of wonderful books in their limited free time in order to connect the right book with the right student.

My all-time favourite literary-turned-film teacher: Miss Honey from Roald Dahl's Matilda

I love teachers. I love movies about teachers (Good-bye Mr. Chips, Dead Poet’s Society, Mr. Holland’s Opus, Matilda) and books about teachers (there are so many great books featuring awesome teachers in children’s fiction, too many to list, but I have to mention the teaching memoir I Am A Pencil by Sam Swope. It is one of the most inspirational books I have ever read). I had an excellent experience in the public school system, despite the ups and downs going on at the political level*, and this is due to all of the creative, engaged, and committed teachers I had. Many of my friends and family members are teachers and I know how hard they work and how they are constantly seeking new ways to connect with their students and provide them with a love of learning and consequently, a love of life. I am continually inspired by their efforts. Thanks for the love, teachers! I’m sending it right back at you!

*The Mike Harris Era. Need I say more?

2 thoughts on “I Love Teachers, Teachers Love B Words!”

  1. I saw this yesterday and was so excited!!! I am pretty sure I squealed. It was a great review, and I’m pretty sure a gazillion teachers will be taking a second look!!!

  2. I feel that this is one book I’m going to have to investigate further, both as a teacher and as a real person.

    I saw the review in PS and wondered if this was the same Vikki VanSickle from HP, and lo and behold it is. And it makes me smile to see that Mr. P still looks the same as he did 10 years ago.


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