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I Left My Heart in Calgary…

…along with a lot of signed books! This past week I was thrilled to visit Calgary, Alberta, courtesy of the good folks at Scholastic Canada. I arrived at the tail end of a chinook and just as the first snow storm of the season was settling in; true, Canadian weather at it’s finest and most confusing.

I had a wonderful time visiting with Scholastic folks and presenting to the students at St. Helena’s. There are a lot of budding authors in that school! It’s so wonderful to see first-hand how teachers, principals and librarians value literacy and reading and go the extra mile to engage their students. I hadn’t seen a Scholastic Fair in awhile, and browsing the familiar cases and red-clothed tables brought back great memories.*

Kate in her white hat...

I also had plenty of Alberta beef and even got a taste of Calgarian hospitality with a big old white stetson. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and I now have one piece of clothing in common. The trip was short, but I will definitely be returning! After spending time with Carol, Stacey, and all the other kind Calgarians I met, attending a stampede has shot up a few spots on my bucket list.

...and me in my big white hat, along with the lovely Andria from Scholastic

*Little known fact: I once dressed as Clifford during a Scholastic Book Fair at Algonquin Public School. Now BOTH of my books are for sale at book fairs across Canada. Progress? I think so.

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