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Putting on my Scholar’s Cap: My Contribution to Knowing Their Place

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Once upon a time I was a bright-eyed Master’s student in the University of British Columbia’s MA in Children’s Literature program. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, enrolling in this program was the best decision of my life. It has led to all sorts of wonderful opportunities for me, including my former job at The Flying Dragon Bookshop, my current job at HarperCollins Canada, not to mention, you know, getting my books published.

One of the things that came out of the degree was the opportunity to present at the international Child and the Book conference that was held in Nanaimo, BC in 2009. I am proud to say that my presentation was selected to be part of an academic anthology entitled Knowing Their Place? Indentity and Space in Children’s Literature.

My chapter grew out of my master’s thesis, which has the impossibly long title, “Daughters of the Land: An Ecofeminist Analysis of the Relationships Between Female Adolescent Protagonists and Landscape in Three Verse Novels for Children.” Now you COULD get yourself down to the National Library of Canada to read my thesis, or you could pick up a copy of Knowing Their Place and read the juicy bits, which are nicely truncated into an easily digestible chapter; chapter eight to be exact.

Ta da! There it is in black and white!

The book also contains essays about non-human animals in Harry Potter, sickness to health narratives, morality in Peter Pan, connecting with the natural world in the works of L.M. Montgomery, representation of indigenous cultures and appropriation of voice, and so much more.

Knowing Their Place is a great book for those interested in children’s literature, aboriginal studies, environmentalism, and fantasy literature. Available now from Cambridge Scholar’s Publishing.

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