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TD Book Week: Day Two

Today, after possibly the best sleep of my life at the North Battleford Travelodge (the bed felt like it was made of clouds. Wonderfully supportive and fluffy clouds), I met with students at the beautiful North Battleford public library and then headed northwest to Pelican Lake First Nation to meet with grade 4,5, and 6 students. In between, there was much adventuring on dusty back roads, which provided many lovely photo-ops.

Favourite roadside sign: “Gas, Food, & Chainsaw Sales”

Number of dirt roads driven: 5

Number of other cars spotted on said dirt roads: 2

Number of mini-heart attacks I had as gravel flew up and dinged off my rental car: 17

Number of detours my GPS was unaware of: 2

Best Singalong Song of the Day: Torn by Natalie Imbruglia, which so happened to come on as I reached the sweet, smooth paved asphalt of highway 55.

Favourite Student Exchange:

Young Wordsmith: Did you think about setting your book in Britain?

Me: No, why?

YW: Because that’s a country that starts with B.

Me: Very true.

Young Geographer: What about Bulgaria?

Honest Ed: Totally! I would read that book.

Set more books in far-off countries. Duly noted, kids! Next up, Prince Albert! But first I’m going to order an entire pizza to my hotel room for dinner.

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