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TD Book Week: Day Five

That beautiful building seen above is Buena Vista school, which turns 100 next year. This was my first stop on my last official day of my tour of Saskatchewan. The students here had lots of questions about the ins and outs of publishing and being a professional writer. Then I zipped over to Aberdeen to speak to grade 7,8, & 9 students. I was thrilled to discover that a contest had been created in preparation for my visit. Check out the fun categories below:

Next I returned to Saskatoon to visit with the pelicans (who apparently come to fish here every spring) and have a lovely dinner with new friends. Tomorrow I will be signing at McNally Robinson Saskatoon at 11am, then it’s tourist time for me. Luckily I have Ann at Shopping Detox to guide me through Saskatoon’s shopping district. Check out her SK shopping guide for a taste!

Most played song on the radio: That’s What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction, which is kind of growing on me.

Most unexpected sight: Pelicans at the Weir! Did you know there were pelicans in Saskatoon? I certainly did not!

Question that stumped me: What world leader do you most admire? It’s pretty sad that I couldn’t think of one off the cuff. We are in serious need of some political inspiration these days.

Favourite Student Interaction: 

Young (Male) Avenger: If you could be any superhero who would you be?

Me: Rogue.

YA: Figures.

Me: What’s wrong with Rogue?

YA: Nothing, it’s just that girls always pick girl superheroes.

Me: What girl superhero would YOU be?

YA: Mystique. Then I could turn back into a boy.

And so concludes my trip. Thank you so much to TD Financial Group and The Canadian Children’s Book Centre for providing me with this amazing opportunity. Special thanks to Saache Heinrich for creating my itinerary and pulling together all the details.

Peace out, SK!

5 thoughts on “TD Book Week: Day Five”

    1. Great to hear! Every time I put something it the mail I always wonder when and if it will arrive at the intended destination. Glad to hear that this time, it did!Enjoy the books and drop by to let me know what you thought! Vikki

      1. I just finished “Words That Start WIth B” and can’t wait to read “Love is a Four Letter Word.” The writing is excellent, the characters are unique, and the story moves at a perfect pace. I have worked as a cancer counsellor and I thought Clarissa’s mom’s diagnosis of breast cancer was handled realistically and authentically. I’ll put a review on goodreads as soon as I can. Thanks again, Vikki!

      2. Hi Yolanda! Thanks for your kind comments. Getting feedback from readers is very valuable for authors and the fact that you have worked as a cancer counselor and felt the story rang true means a lot to me. I look forward to your goodreads review!

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