New Book Announcement: DAYS THAT END IN Y

I am thrilled to announce that Scholastic Canada will publish my third novel, DAYS THAT END IN Y in February 2013.

Here are some things to look forward to: fireworks, Little League baseball games, old high school yearbooks, bicycle missions, doggie drama, a wedding, at least three major misunderstandings, and as always, a  few surprises.

This will be the final book in the Clarissa and Benji series,* which is very bittersweet. I adore Clarissa and company and in many ways I feel like I could write about them forever. However, I consider the books to be a middle school arc and there was a clear end in sight (ie: high school). I am sad to let them go, but happy with where I left them. I hope readers will agree!

STAY TUNED for an exciting contest opportunity which may well bring you fame and fortune- or at the very least, some free books, a workshop with yours truly, and internet super-stardom. Intrigued? More info coming in early September! Teachers and librarians you will DEFINITELY want to check back!

In the meantime, look for the French edition of Love is a Four-Letter Word, entitled <A comme amour> this fall!

*If anyone can come up with a better series name, I am all ears. The Word Books? Clarissa Chronicles?

15 thoughts on “New Book Announcement: DAYS THAT END IN Y

  1. Raissa Chernushenko says:

    My daughter was thrilled to see she correctly predicted the background colour of the cover. Of course she also can’t wait to read it.

  2. Mme Dawn Telfer says:

    The students at Trudeau in St. Thomas will be so excited to hear the news about the new book. We also look forward to purchasing A comme Amour!!! Congratulations!

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