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My Favourite Book is Coming to TIFF!

How I Live Now  by YA literary darling Meg Rosoff, who basically bleeds award nominations, is on my top 5 books of all time, regardless of genre. I’m terrible at describing it because I love it too much: haunting, gorgeous, sexy, violent, heartbreaking, spectacular- so many adjectives! It’s the only book that I reread on a semi-regular basis and when I pick it up to find a passage or quotation, I just keep on reading until I’m finished.

Kevin MacDonald has turned it into a promising looking movie. His first stroke of brilliance was casting Saoisre Ronan,  who was my original pick for Katniss. Tough but vulnerable is kind of her specialty. Remember Hanna? Without further ado, check out the first official trailer for How I Live Now here:

I don’t know how I feel about that music, but Ronan? Perfect! So perfect! Edmund? Um, also perfect. So perfect it makes me feel creepy. Piper looks less ethereal and more earthy than I expected, but I’m getting over it.  There seem to be more scenes featuring the military but given it’s a movie I’m able to accept that, too. There are no shots of Ding, but that’s probably for the best. DING! *SOB*

What’s more exciting than this trailer? How I Live Now is coming to TIFF!!! Let me state for the record that I will go to great lengths to obtain a single ticket. Are you listening, TIFF and Random House? GREAT. LENGTHS. At the very least I can promise you a scintillating review and lots of social media hype. And if you want me to interview the cast and creative team, well, I can do that, too.

September just got so much better!

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