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You Probably Work in Children’s Books If…

Dream Fort by Erin McGuire
Dream Fort by Erin McGuire

You know the significance of the seventh son of a seventh son.

You have at some point identified strongly with Anne Shirley.

You are constantly correcting well-meaning muggles who refer to middle grade novels as YA.

You hope to one day experience love as pure and deep as the love between Frog and Toad.

You mishear the Pan-Am games as the Panem Games, which causes some alarm.

You know the true colour of Dorothy Gale’s slippers.

You believe adult fiction would greatly be improved by spot illustrations.

You have crushes on Mo Willems, Jon Klassen and Kadir Nelson.

You are familiar with the watershed moment in Forever by Judy Blume.

You throw around acronyms like SCBWI, CWILL*, ALA, CANSCAIP*, CCBC*, ARC, and F&G like a boss.

You know The Tree Awards has nothing to do with actual trees*

You think the In The Night Kitchen defacing controversy is the most adorable example of censorship.

You can quote Meg Ryan’s speech about the importance of children’s books from one of your favourite movies, You’ve Got Mail.

You have contemplated getting a deathly hallows tattoo.

You have scoured the internet for a mint condition copy of at least one of the Babysitters Club, Sweet Valley High, or Nancy Drew board games.

You always describe a bad day as a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day.

You know the proper spelling of Newbery.

When you hear ‘Moriarty’ you think Jaclyn, not Professor.

Novels that take place in a boarding school set your heart a-flutter.

You are well-versed in British slang, thanks to Louise Rennison.

You own a dog-eared, underlined, or otherwise heavily notated copy of Dear Genius: The Letters of Ursula Nordstrom .

Your fear of insects was cured by James and the Giant Peach.

Your picture book collection rivals your local library’s, although you currently have no children aged 2-6 in your home.

You follow @MrSchuReads, @FuseEight and @realjohngreen on twitter.

Re-creating the trip in How The Heather Looks is on your bucket list.

You remember exactly where you were when you read Bridge to Terabithia.

You are the coolest person on your block.

Rock on, kid-litters! You make the world a lovelier place.

Image from
Image from

*This reference is specific to the Canadian children’s book industry

8 thoughts on “You Probably Work in Children’s Books If…”

  1. Lovely blog Vikki ! Very enjoyable. I admit to knowing about two thirds of this stuff. Will look up the rest. I couldn’t agree more with spot illustrations ! ‘ What is the use of book without pictures? ‘
    Cheers, Martin.

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