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Tiger Eyes & Days That End in Y: I Heart the CBC

There are a million and one reasons to love the CBC, including this right here:



First of all, what a total thrill to be featured on The Next Chapter, a fantastic program that has taught me so much about books, writers, and Canadian literature in particular. Shelagh Rogers is warm, funny, and a fantastic broadcaster. Secondly, there is NO praise more moving to me than to be compared to Judy Blume, who is arguably the most important contemporary writer for children. Big thanks to Brian Francis, a great author, blogger, and gentleman, for the shout-out. If you haven’t already done so, go pick up a copy of Fruit or Natural Order now. Among many astute observations, he has this to say about Days That End in Y:

“It’s about a father who is absent who comes back to town to seek reconciliation with his daughter, but it’s also about this girl’s relationship with her mother. That is what Vikki and Judy’s books are about: both these mother characters make mistakes and their daughters are reconciling to these mistakes, and understanding that their mother was doing the best she could do at that stage in her life.”

Listen to the full interview here


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