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Introducing #WritingRelay!

I am thrilled to be working with brilliant friends and creators Naseem Hrab, Sylvia Chan and Ruth Ohi on  #WritingRelay, a new kids’ writing initiative. In this time of COVID-19, lots of people (kids and their parents and teachers included) may be feeling restless, unfocused, or intimidated by bigger tasks. Writing can be a challenge during this time, so we decided to form a writing relay team that includes your kid!

All you have to do is follow @WritingRelay on twitter and tweet us your child’s title and 1-3 sentence story starter. Naseem and I will each build on the story by adding a few more sentences, Ruth Ohi will add an illustration, and Sylvia Chan will design it so it looks something like this:


Isn’t that fun? Find us at @WritingRelay and let’s collaborate!

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