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Animal Animal-friendly street art is popping up all over the city, but who is creating these masterpieces? There is no explanation, only a name: Anonymouse. For fans of Sidewalk Flowers and Art & Max.This clever tale mixes street art, animals and gorgeous illustrations to create a meditation on how art can uplift any creature’s spirit — human or animal — when it speaks directly to them. Every page of Anna Pirolli’s stunning artwork is its own masterpiece with its bold pops of colour and sly humor, elevating Vikki VanSickle’s subtle but evocative text.

  • Anna Pirolli is the winner of the 2021 Dilys Evans Founder Award for her work in Anonymouse
  • Starred selection, Best Books for Kids and Teens 2021

What People are Saying about ANONYMOUSE…

“[A] playful approach to perception and perspective.” Quill and Quire, STARRED review!

“A thoroughly original fable about art’s revitalizing power.” -Publisher’s Weekly

Sweet and wistful. . . Banksy might be flattered by this book, but he probably wouldn’t admit it in public.” Kirkus Reviews

Inspirational and provocative.” FIVE star review CM Magazine

“Anonymouse is a poetic and visually witty paean to the power of creativity and the ability of art to inspire and unite us. Readers will enjoy wondering what Anonymouse could be up to right now and will surely consider their own surroundings in a new, imaginative light. “ The BookPage review


Teddy Bear of the Year

The teddy bears’ picnic gets a modern twist in this warm and fuzzy picture book about a young teddy bear who learns that small acts of kindness can make a big difference. Ollie is a regular bear with a regular job. He listens to his girl’s stories about her days, he snuggles her to sleep and he is there waiting when she gets home from school. But when he is whisked away to the annual teddy bears’ picnic, he feels insignificant compared to the other bears who do daring and daunting things: sleepovers, hospital stays–even a night in the lost and found! But he soon learns that it’s not just the big things that matter, it’s the little things, too.

An Indigo Best Books of 2020 Selection

What People Are Saying About TEDDY BEAR OF THE YEAR…

“A kind, fuzzy story . . . sincerely celebrates kindness and comfort.” Kirkus Reviews 

“Teddy Bear of the Year is a well-written and lovingly illustrated book, one imbued with humour that readers of all ages will appreciate.”  CM magazine, 5 star review

“Teddy Bear of The Year is the perfect children’s story and it warmed all our hearts (including our teddy bears)…We give it 10 bears out of 5!” Momma Braga 

“[W]ell-paced, sweet and engaging story. . .the gentle lesson Ollie learns is something we could all benefit from hearing.” Resource Links 

“The message highlighting the importance of consistency is a subtle one, but it’s relevant for all age groups, and I must confess I felt a relaxing sense of confirmation after finishing this book. My daughter simply loved the idea of her stuffed animals living their own secret life once she went to sleep, so this book is a true crowd pleaser.” I’ve Read This Jr Edition



Winnowing CVR

Marivic Stone lives in a small town that just happens to be famous for a medical discovery that saved humankind — though not without significant repercussions. Marivic loves her best friend, Saren, and the two of them promise to stick together, through thick and thin, and especially through the uncertain winnowing procedure, a now inevitable — but dangerous — part of adolescence.

But when tragedy separates the two friends, Marivic is thrust into a world of conspiracy, rebellion and revolution. For the first time in her life, Marivic is forced to think and act big. If she is going to right a decade of wrongs, she will need to trust her own frightening new abilities, even when it means turning her back on everything, and everyone, she’s known and loved.

What People Are Saying About THE WINNOWING…

“Vikki VanSickle has lots to say about fear, distrust, manipulation, and blind submission but also about defiance, courage and winnowing the irrational to reveal the truth.  What The Winnowing teaches us is that there is a need for caution in construing meaning within the realm of fear, as well as for openness and respect for all.” CanLit for Little Canadians review

”[E]ven though this book is very clearly steeped in the sci-fi genre, what shines more are the topics of friendship, growing up, and accepting who you are. ” Squinklebooks review 

”The Winnowing is a story of friendship, of challenging the status quo, and of scientific endeavour which has taken a very sinister turn.” CM Magazine review





Sam knows all about magical creatures and is less than impressed with her sedate hamster, who is content to eat, sleep, and drool. But as Sam rhymes off her favourite fantastical beasts, she realizes how challenging magical pet care can be. Walking a dog is one thing, but what about flying a Gryphon in a thunderstorm? When a kitten sneezes it’s cute, but when a dragon sneezes? It’s a fire hazard. This pet story with a twist is the perfect primer on magical creatures for kids not quite old enough for Harry Potter.

What People Are Saying About IF I HAD A GRYPHON:

Vikki VanSickle’s first picture book is an outstanding success. The humorous storyline, the strong rhyming scheme, and the bold illustrations by Cale Atkinson make If I Had a Gryphon a marvellous addition to the picture book genre. Sure to be a favourite among fantasy fans and those contemplating what their perfect pet might be—mythical or otherwise! ” CM Magazine 

VanSickle delivers lean, bouncy verse and an impressive array of offbeat creatures, while Atkinson’s illustrations are bold and hint at dynamic motion. . .brisk and bright. “ Kirkus Reviews

VanSickle’s rhymes are unflaggingly exuberant as the girl puts up with noisy harpies, biting chupacabras, and mischievous fairies, and Atkinson fills the pages with visual comedy. ” Publisher’s Weekly Review

“A delightful book.” Globe and Mail 



Summer Days Cover
Fourteen year old Reenie Starr loves her family’s summer resort, Sandy Shores, more than anything else on earth. The resort falls on hard times the summer of 1962, so the Starrs decide to hire a young dancer from the city to come up and run an entertainment program. When 17 year old Gwendolyn Cates arrives, Reenie is starstruck by her glamorous looks and exciting lifestyle. But Gwendolyn is not exactly who she seems to be, and her arrival sets off a series of events that will change Reenie’s life forever.

What People are Saying About SUMMER DAYS, STARRY NIGHTS:

“Vikki VanSickle beautifully captures the novel’s time and place. Reenie’s affection shines through the lush descriptions of the resort and its surroundings. It’s hard not to fall in love with Reenie’s favourite place. And it’s just as hard not to fall in love with Reenie.” Quill & Quire 

“Not only tackling some serious issues, but also with a little bit of Dirty Dancing-type nostalgia and the potential of a promising first love, Summer Days, Starry Nights is summer reading at its best. Verdict: Excellent.” Fabbity Fab Book Reviews. 

“Vikki VanSickle pens a story that is like a classic rock-and-roll song: there is a familiarity to its melody, of a family working together, with harmonies and some dissonance…but together it is a pleasing sound that resonates with all.  Summer Days, Starry Nights is sure to be a summer hit.” CanLit for Little Canadians

“…Great escapist reading, perfectly capturing the mood of summer vacation and the ups and downs a budding teenage girl experiences as she yearns to fit in…a lively, well-written story for ages 10 to 14. ” Montreal Gazette

” VanSickle taps into ’60s culture lightly and effectively, celebrating the bodily freedom of dance while she tracks Reenie’s developing self-knowledge and comfort with her small town, family resort setting.” Toronto Star


Brilliant. Best-ever. That’s how grade seven was supposed to be, but so far things aren’t turning out as well as Clarissa Louise Delaney had planned. It’s hard enough being the unexceptional daughter of a bona-fide beauty queen, but lately her best friend Benji can’t seem to stick up for himself, Michael Greenblat keeps giving her strange gifts, and Mattie Cohen, world class good-two-shoes,seems to think they are friends. Things can’t possibly get any worse, or can they? In this year of surprises, you’ll laugh as Clarissa tackles boys, bullies, and the one b word she can’t bring herself to say.

  • 2011 CBA Libris Awards’ Children’s Book of the Year, Finalist
  • A Best Books for Kids and Teens selection, 2011
  • Recommended List, IODE Violet Downey Book Award, 2011

Available in FRENCH, as C Comme Catastrophe


What People Are Saying about WORDS THAT START WITH B…

“Clarissa’s courage in standing up for what is right, even when it is not popular (even when it is dangerous), make her an admirable intermediate hero in a book that should elicit rich avenues for discussion in class.” Professionally Speaking: The Magazine of the Ontario College of Teachers

“Vikki VanSickle’s debut Middle Grade novel is a feel-good story. It might surprise you to learn then, that two of the most central “B Words” in the novel are Breast Cancer and bullying. But VanSickle manages these heavy issues with a delicate hand, making her novel into a heart-warming and incredibly true-to-life story of one girl’s unexpected grade seven year. You’ll be charmed.” Shelf Elf

“With a good dose of humour and some realistic vulnerability, Clarissa is a likeable and believable protagonist. Even better, the book is a well-crafted and enjoyable first effort from a writer who is obviously tuned in to the minds and emotions of young teens.” Quill and Quire



Love Four Letter Word CVR 2

Love: little word, big consequences. Clarissa has never given much thought to the word herself; she has other things to worry about, like her mother’s illness and how to get through grade eight now that her best friend Benji has been adopted by a bunch of musical theatre nerds. When Mattie becomes distracted by a crush and her mother starts spending too much time with her handsome personal trainer, Clarissa wonders when she stopped being enough for all the people in her life. Enter Michael, who seems to be interested in more than just friendship. But is that what Clarissa wants? In this laugh-out-loud follow-up to Words That Start With B, Clarissa discovers that while the word may be simple, love rarely is. 

  • An Indigo Kids Blog Indigo Best Book of 2011
  • A Best Books for Kids and Teens Selection, 2012

What People are Saying About LOVE IS A FOUR-LETTER WORD…

“Highly recommended reading. Funny, heart-warming and contemporary. Loved it. If you enjoyed Shug by Jenny Han, or enjoyed the Anastasia Krupnik series by Lois Lowry, or have enjoyed the work of Susin Nielsen, I think you will love this.” Fabbity Fab Book Reviews

“VanSickle’s writing gives her young characters, especially Clarissa, the clear and honest voices of youth, hopeful but laden with anxiety.” CanLit for Little Canadians

“After finishing both of Vikki Vansickle’s Clarissa Delaney books I’m truly enchanted by the small town vibe she’s created, the characters and am sorry to leave them behind.” Wild About Words



One summer. That’s all the time it takes to set your world spinning, or so Clarissa learns. Feeling abandoned by Mattie (camp), Benji (drama school), and even Michael (baseball), Clarissa feels even more alone when her mother accepts Doug’s proposal of marriage. This announcement gets Clarissa thinking about her father, and her search for answers leads to her stumbling upon information about the secret teenage life of her mother, and more importantly, about Bill, her absentee father. Things get complicated when she spots a man who looks a lot like Bill. Will Clarissa be able to move beyond the past and take part in Annie’s vision of the future? Happily ever after has never seemed so impossible.


What People are Saying About DAYS THAT END IN  Y…

“Without taking easy turns, or accepting simple, happily-ever-after solutions, Clarissa muddles, fights, and breaks her way through some life-altering times in her life; growing up a little bit in the process and becoming a lot wiser. The last few pages of Days That End in Y are especially so touching and all-around fantastic, highlighting just how awesome of a young woman Clarissa has become. I adore Clarissa’s story and VanSickle’s writing.”Fabbity Fab Book Reviews

Vikki VanSickle has been called the new Judy Blume, and I think it’s well-deserved. Her characters are memorable … her pacing skilled, and her prose beautiful. I had trouble deciding whether to devour this novel or savour it as the last I’ll see of Clarissa Delaney.”  Rachelle Delaney

Vikki VanSickle’s Clarissa and Benji are the perfect escorts for middle-grade readers to navigate those transition years… In Days That End in Y, as in the first two books, Clarissa and Benji make mistakes with each other and with others, including their families…There is angst, questioning, confusion, misunderstanding, arrogance and the optimism of youth… a series that will be greatly missed but one of which we can be proud as readers of wonderful young CanLit.” CanLit for Little Canadians

“Clarissa is delightfully raw, honest, strong, imperfect and just so very real…The relationship between Clarissa and her mom is marvelous…[I] enjoyed the fact that nothing was tied up sweetly or unrealistically.” Misbehavin’ Librarian 

“The plotline in Days That End in Y keeps the reader turning pages, is realistic, and has no easy answers or fixes. The characters are all believable, well-rounded and engaging… Days That End in Y is a great choice for middle school and public libraries.” CM Magazine

53 thoughts on “My Books”

  1. Hey Vikki,
    I’ve read your book; words that start with B. I thought it was very realistic and I thought it could relate to everybody from a gutsy girl to a wimpy, scrawny boy who gets picked on. It’s very exciting and entertaining for everybody of all ages although, I
    think that the age group who would like it most would 10-13 years old. I think that you have a talent for Children’s literature. I can’t wait for your next book(if you write one) to come out. i’ve also been to your bookstore a million times and have heard you on CBC radio too. You have a real talent to know what kids really like from boys who hate reading to girls who are bookworms.

    1. Hi Madeleine! This message made my day 🙂 I am so glad you enjoyed the book and were able to relate to the characters. The only thing I love more than writing is talking about books, so next time you are at the Flying Dragon make sure you say hello! I’m lucky to have great fans like you!

      1. Hi, Heaven! I’m not sure yet about a third book. I feel like Clarissa still has some things to do and lessons to learn, so keep your fingers crossed! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hi Vikki, I read your book Words That Start With B and I thought it was amazing! I loved it so much that as soon as I finished the book, I checked in the front to see when you wrote it and got so sad that it just came out. Because that means that now i’ll have to wait a few more months to read the next one. I really loved the book and hope that you write more.


    1. Hi Briana! I’m so glad you enjoyed it and that you found me on the big wide interweb! It is always nice to hear from a fan. You only have a *few* more months til Love is a Four-Letter Word and then who knows what’s next! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. Hi! I’m Garrett’s Mom!! I will find your book(s) for my 12 year old niece and also put her on to the other books you’ve listed in your reviews and lists…All the support in the world for you as you tackle the literacy issues at cityhall ( there has to be a book in there for your superhero persona)….you and Margaret Atwood and friends… very best wishes from a life long reader, retired teacher and budding blog writer…..

  4. I have your book words that start with b and find so easy to relate to I think that you know how to write the perfect story and that your next book will be even better.

    Please don’t ever stop writing 🙂

    1. Hi Lea- well now I’m blushing. Thanks so much for your kind words- I’m glad you could relate to the book. I’ll make you a deal- I will never stop writing if you promise to keep on reading! 😉

  5. hi vicki (: i have your book words that start with B and it is one of my favourite books! i love it!its truly relate-able and i can read it over and over again! i cant wait to buy your new book this week at my schools book fair … i bet its going to be amazing :D:D keep on writing!! PLEASE 😀

    1. Hi Laura!

      I’m so happy you found Words That Start With B relatable. That is one of the highest compliments I could ask for! Let me know what you think of LOVE IS A FOUR LETTER WORD!

  6. Hey Vikki! My name is Avrie and I’m from Ottawa, Ontario. I love both “Words that start with B” and “Love is a four-letter word”. Clarissa is exactly like me. I have dark hair and dark eyes, I’m almost 13, I love to sing and act, I hate skirts, boys completely frustrate and confuse me, perky people take all my energy out of me, my mom has a boyfriend (who sometimes a goofball), I love books, and I’m pretty tomboy-ish and down-to-earth. Your one of my favourite authors, especially since your canadian! I’m an aspiring author myself. Books are my life. So, thank you for creating Clarissa and Benji and Michael (and his cute baby brother, Theo) and Mattie and Annie and Doug (I can’t say it didn’t bother me not to put Denise in this list). Thank you.

    1. Hi Avrie-wow, that IS a long list of similarities! I’m glad you found my books and were able to relate to Clarissa so well. I’m even MORE glad to hear you’re writing yourself- stick with it! Who knows where it may lead. Thanks for stopping by my blog and keep on reading! xo Vikki

    1. Hi Lea! I’m so glad you enjoyed hanging out with Clarissa, Mattie and Benji. I love writing about them, and would love to continue their adventures. As for a third book, keep your fingers crossed!

  7. Wow! Thanks, Mia! Your comments are so inspiring. Keep your fingers crossed for a third book.I love Benji, Clarissa and Mattie and am always thinking up fun things for them to do, so I would love to write more about them. If there is a third book I will be sure to announce it here on the blog, so keep stopping by! And good luck with your own writing. Start writing now and who knows where you will end up! Thanks for making me smile, Mia!

  8. Hi Vikki nice to meet you i’m Veronica i am in 5th grade. tomorrow is a book fair then i saw your book i think it’s interesting so i am going to buy it. I love it so much at the cover of your book the first thing that i see was very good please say theres more i love to read it. I have a question do you think that your book is good for ten years old?

    1. Hi Veronica! Thanks for stopping by! I’m thrilled that you will be picking up a copy of my book at your book fair! I think both of my books are good reads for 10 year olds. The main characters are about your age and I’m sure you will be able to relate to them from time to time. You’ll have to let me know what you think of the book when you’re finished!

  9. Hi Vikki!
    I’ve read both! And enjoyed them very much! They had humor, sadness, happiness…..mainly it was a very well writen book! Thanks!

    Book-lover and Dream-follower,

  10. Hi,
    Is there going to be a third book?
    I really hope there is! 🙂 I really LOVED your books i own Words That Start With B and Love Is a Four Letter Word! 🙂 I have read them both 2 times and i am going to start reading them again soon! 🙂 Thank you for writing such great books! 🙂

    1. Hi Mattie! Thanks for stopping by! I’m thrilled that you like my books! As for a third book, stay tuned for more information! I always announce new book news on this blog. Have a great day! Vikki

  11. Hi Vikki,

    Is there anyway to get autographed copies of your books? It was so handy when you were at the Flying Dragon. We miss you and everyone at the store.

    Kathleen (Jasmine and Phoebe’s mom)

  12. Hey vikki,
    I’m in the middle of your fantastic book “words that start with b” I can not put it down it’s sooo amazing I can’t wait to read your other books

  13. I haven’t read any of your books yet but I like the sound of them, I will be tracking them down. I have 3 children so research good books for them as well as me.
    I am in UK and I see on Amazon I could only buy Summer Days, Starry Nights or Words That Start with B . And Waterstones do not stock your books at all.
    Can I suggest that you set up an author profile with Amazon.
    You have to do the two – they don’t just move the info across to the separate sites for you.
    I know I often click on the author profile to find out more about them and a list of all their books. I think this a really useful free service on amazon and sometimes knowing more about the author helps me decide which book to buy.
    Even if I then buy the books somewhere else.
    BTW – I love your blog.

    1. Hi Lana! There have definitely been teachers who have used Words That Start With B in their classrooms! I’ve been interviewed by students and even done a few school visits as part of their novel study. I’ll message you about it privately if you’re interested in more details. Thanks for stopping by! -V

  14. Hi Vikki. I read your book called ” summer days, starry nights ” and it was really interesting. I hope you can be at the forest of reading festival in London at the western fair!

  15. hello vikki, my friend alison at the hamilton public library bought summer days, starry nights for me and you wrote a lovely inscription in it. i do love scholastic. i just wanted to say that i’ve read words that start with b and love is a four-letter word. and i absolutely loved them. you’re an inspiration!

  16. HI !, my peach and i’m in grade six and i love your book “love is a four letter word” i almost cried at the end of the book because i was sad the book was finished, Also why doesn’t Clarissa get together with Michel, i also recomended this book to six of my friends and they loved it. if you read “where she went” its a good book and its sort of like yours

    1. Thanks so much, Peach! If you want more Benji and Clarissa you should read DAYS THAT END IN Y, it picks up their story a few months later. I have read Where She Went and I loved it, so I’m VERY flattered that it reminded you of LOVE IS A FOUR-LETTER WORD!

  17. Hello! My almost 2 year old (and I!) adore “If I had a gryphon”. I just happened upon your page in searching to see if you’d written others and thought I’d drop a note to let you know what a delight it is for us to read every night. 🙂

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