Here you can find resources to accompany my books, perfect for individual or group study. If you are interested in booking a school or library visit, please visit my page on the ABS website. 

Anonymouse, ages 3-8


Watch my virtual storytime video

Take the #AnonymouseChallenge! What will you do to make your neighbourhood more beautiful? A great activity for art and community engagement. 

Teddy Bear of the Year, ages 3-8

Teddy Bear of the Year

Host your own Teddy Bear Service Awards with this Teddy-Bear-of-the-Year_activity-kit, including activity and colouring sheets and customizable Teddy Bear of the Year diploma.

If I Had a Gryphon, ages 3-7

Watch me reading If I Had a Gryphon on this storytime video

Draw your own magical pet with the Gryphon_ColouringPage!

Poster & Activity Guide. One one side is a READING IS MAGICAL poster, and the other includes pre-reading activities, follow-up discussion questions and activities with common core designations.

The Winnowing, ages 10-14

Winnowing CVR

Discussion questions and activities for The Winnowing: DISC_TheWinnowing-guide_10-17

Summer Days, Starry Nights, ages 9-12

Discussion Questions: Summer-Days-Starry-Nights_Discussion 

Pinterest Inspiration Board

Love is a Four-Letter Word, ages 9-12

Reader’s Theatre Script 

Words That Start With B, ages 9-12

Reader’s Theatre Script

5 thoughts on “RESOURCES”

  1. Good afternoon Vikki
    I am an intermediate elementary student who attends school in the South Eastern part of Ontario, Canada.
    As part of our English class this year, we are required to do a Book Recommendation Poster / Presentation to the class and I have chosen to use The Winnowing for this project.
    In addition to preparing a summary of the book and reasons why I would recommend this book to my peers, I am also required to complete a 1-2 two paragraph section that includes research information on the author. That is my reason for contacting you.
    I was hoping that you would be able to answer a few questions for me that would help me add to some of the other information that I found about you on line.
    why did you decide to become a writer?
    what do you do in your free time/ hobbies?
    are you currently working on a new novel?
    Thank you in advance for your time to answer my questions.

    1. Hi SD!

      Thanks for selecting The Winnowing! Here are my answers:
      1. I’ve always loved books and reading and the idea of writing my own books was always a dream of mine. Even if it wasn’t published I would still write, as it is a great form of self-expression and creativity. I feel very proud that my books are published and hopefully they provide enjoyment for other people.
      2. I read a lot in my free time and I also love going to movies or plays. My friends are a big part of my life and I love going to dinner and having long conversations about all sorts of things.
      3. I am currently working on 2 novels- one is about witches living secretly in our world and the other is about a secret diary passed around in a grade 7 class. It’s early days for both, but I’m enjoying it so far!

      Good luck on your project!

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