Resources for Students and Teachers


Here you can find resources to accompany my books, perfect for class or group study. If you are interested in booking a school or library visit, please visit my page on the ABS website. 

If you are a teacher or librarian who would like to share one of my books online during the COVID-19 pandemic, please email: 

Teddy Bear of the Year

Teddy Bear of the Year

Host Your Own Teddy Bear Service Awards Event Kit, including activity and colouring sheets and customizable Teddy Bear of the Year diploma. Download here:


The Winnowing 

Winnowing CVR

Discussion questions and activities for The Winnowing: DISC_TheWinnowing-guide_10-17


If I Had a Gryphon

Poster & Activity Guide

Reading Is Magical

One one side you have this amazing READING IS MAGICAL poster, and the other includes pre-reading activities, follow-up discussion questions and activities  with common core designations.

Draw your own magical pet with the Gryphon_ColouringPage!

Watch me reading If I Had a Gryphon on this storytime video


Summer Days, Starry Nights


Discussion Questions: Summer-Days-Starry-Nights_Discussion Questions & activities

Pinterest Inspiration Board: Here you will find a collection of images that helped me imagine the world of Sandy Shores, including fashion, setting, and musical inspiration.
Love is a Four-Letter Word

Love Four Letter Word CVR 2

Reader’s Theatre Script : Here you will find a chapter adapted for readers’ theatre presentations.


Words That Start With B

Words B CVR.indd

Reader’s Theatre Script: Here you will find a chapter adapted for readers’ theatre presentations.

5 thoughts on “Resources for Students and Teachers

  1. SD says:

    Good afternoon Vikki
    I am an intermediate elementary student who attends school in the South Eastern part of Ontario, Canada.
    As part of our English class this year, we are required to do a Book Recommendation Poster / Presentation to the class and I have chosen to use The Winnowing for this project.
    In addition to preparing a summary of the book and reasons why I would recommend this book to my peers, I am also required to complete a 1-2 two paragraph section that includes research information on the author. That is my reason for contacting you.
    I was hoping that you would be able to answer a few questions for me that would help me add to some of the other information that I found about you on line.
    why did you decide to become a writer?
    what do you do in your free time/ hobbies?
    are you currently working on a new novel?
    Thank you in advance for your time to answer my questions.

    • vikkivansickle says:

      Hi SD!

      Thanks for selecting The Winnowing! Here are my answers:
      1. I’ve always loved books and reading and the idea of writing my own books was always a dream of mine. Even if it wasn’t published I would still write, as it is a great form of self-expression and creativity. I feel very proud that my books are published and hopefully they provide enjoyment for other people.
      2. I read a lot in my free time and I also love going to movies or plays. My friends are a big part of my life and I love going to dinner and having long conversations about all sorts of things.
      3. I am currently working on 2 novels- one is about witches living secretly in our world and the other is about a secret diary passed around in a grade 7 class. It’s early days for both, but I’m enjoying it so far!

      Good luck on your project!

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