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Middle Grade Monday: MiNRs

Kevin Sylvester can do no wrong- illustrator, writer, podcaster, frequent host of Kid's Lit Quiz - he is an all-around children's literature champion, particularly in Canada. I'm always delighted by the twists his career takes, which may be unexpected but are always genuine, kid-friendly and fun. Christopher is proud to be part of a mining… Continue reading Middle Grade Monday: MiNRs

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Middle Grade Monday: The Doldrums

I dare you to look through this book without a) gasping b) petting the cover and c) calling over your friends or colleagues so they can also gasp and pet the cover. Of course it is the untenable thing-the story-that counts, but when the package is this deluxe, it certainly doesn't hurt. Luckily Nicholas Gannon's… Continue reading Middle Grade Monday: The Doldrums