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Middle Grade Monday: The Doldrums

I dare you to look through this book without a) gasping b) petting the cover and c) calling over your friends or colleagues so they can also gasp and pet the cover. Of course it is the untenable thing-the story-that counts, but when the package is this deluxe, it certainly doesn't hurt. Luckily Nicholas Gannon's… Continue reading Middle Grade Monday: The Doldrums

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Happiness is a Penderwicks Novel: The Penderwicks in Spring Review

How can a book that is ultimately about an eleven year old's belief that she is responsible for the death of those she has loved be so funny and charming? Such is the magic of The Penderwicks in Spring, the fourth in the truly classic and heartwarming Penderwicks series. We throw words like "modern classic"… Continue reading Happiness is a Penderwicks Novel: The Penderwicks in Spring Review

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Camp Read-aloud Classic: Kneeknock Rise Review

After the most beautiful long weekend ever, I am kicking my summer reading into high gear. Summer reading makes me think of camp and how I would spend hours carefully choosing the right book to read aloud to my girls in the cabin at night. Some books were made to be read aloud. ┬áNatalie Babbitt… Continue reading Camp Read-aloud Classic: Kneeknock Rise Review