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Middle Grade Monday: Goodbye Stranger

A Rebecca Stead book is always unexpected and always a delight. I very much enjoyed her Northern fantasy First Light and remember hand-selling the heck out of it to die-hard City of Ember fans in my bookseller days. Then I read When You Reach Me and was struck by how timeless it felt, despite being… Continue reading Middle Grade Monday: Goodbye Stranger

American contemporary, middle grade, Personal Faves, Summer Reads

Sweet as Pink Lemonade: The Summer Sherman Loved Me Review

Something about summer amplifies all the memorable bitsĀ of adolescence. First love, first kisses, becomingĀ  independent, realizing your parents are (gasp!) people, uncovering family secrets, unexpected deaths. . .according to middle grade fiction, all of this tends to take place over the course of a summer. Perhaps its all the free time away from school and… Continue reading Sweet as Pink Lemonade: The Summer Sherman Loved Me Review