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Katniss meet Katsa: Graceling

With all the Hunger Games hype in the media, I have been missing me some Katniss. The fierce, prickly but lovable hot-headed heroine of Suzanne Collins' trilogy holds a special place in my heart, let alone the canon of contemporary children's literature. Hoping for a similar heroine and adrenaline rush I turned to a novel I… Continue reading Katniss meet Katsa: Graceling

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B is for Bits and Bites

So much news to convey! It's been a busy weekend, and it's only half over. Here is the round up thus far: First up, congrats to Canadian author Rachelle Delaney, who has a fantastic article this weekend in the Globe and Mail. I had the pleasure of speaking to Rachelle about the Hunger Games Trilogy… Continue reading B is for Bits and Bites

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Violence, Riots, and a Glimmer of Hope: Salt

...sounds like I'm talking about Toronto over the weekend, doesn't it? Sigh. As much as I love The Hunger Games and Maze Runner, I don't immediately gravitate towards speculative fiction in the post-apocalyptic vein. I need to be in the mood. Sadly, the G20 riots this weekend  put me in the mood for a violent, post-apocalyptic… Continue reading Violence, Riots, and a Glimmer of Hope: Salt