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Middle Grade Monday: Halloween Edition

Anne Shirley isn't the only one who loves October. I love everything that this, the most gilded of months, has lots to offer: brilliant foliage, black cat decorations as far as the eye can see, post-season baseball* and of course, a glut of spooky stories. Here are three new middle grade novels you should add… Continue reading Middle Grade Monday: Halloween Edition

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Dark in all the Right Places: This Dark Endeavour

Identical twins Victor and Konrad Frankenstein spend most of their days sailing, fencing, and laughing with their fiesty cousin Elizabeth and their witty, bookish friend, Henry. But when Konrad falls ill, and no doctor can figure out the cause or a cure, Victor takes matters into his own hands. He believes the cure lies in one of… Continue reading Dark in all the Right Places: This Dark Endeavour

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Monkey Business: Primate + Humans = Great Reading

I always find it fascinating when mini-trends or niches pop up. The more obscure or specific the trend, the better. For some reason, books about humans raising other primates (chimps, gorillas, etc) as humans seem to be the topic-du-jour, or perhaps more accurately, 'du saison'. High concept books are always a good way to hook kids on books,… Continue reading Monkey Business: Primate + Humans = Great Reading