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Middle Grade Monday: Ghosts

Cat is not at all excited to be moving to foggy, seaside Bahia de la Luna, particularly when she learns that it is a sort of capital for ghosts. But doctors have agreed that it is a better place for her sister Maya, who has Cystic Fibrosis. Cat is torn between wanting to make new… Continue reading Middle Grade Monday: Ghosts

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BSC Forever: Reflections and a Round-up

After the announcement that Ann M. Martin's beloved The Babysitter's Club series would be available in e-book format, the interweb has been buzzing about the BSC, which has made it a good week on The Twitter for me. The BSC remains one of my all-time favourite middle grade series. As a kid, I devoured these… Continue reading BSC Forever: Reflections and a Round-up

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Girl Crushing on Raina Telgemeier: DRAMA Review

I have a mad girl crush on Raina Telgemeier*. Her work is fresh, funny, sweet, and relevant. She is a master of her craft and has created a name for herself middle grade graphic novels for girls that feel just as rich, resonant, and fun as traditional novels. I gushed on and on about her… Continue reading Girl Crushing on Raina Telgemeier: DRAMA Review