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CTV Your Morning Holiday Picks

With the season of gift giving just around the corner, this segment's list is based on popular activities or hobbies kids might have that might not at first glance have anything to do with books. Whether the kids in your life like lego, hockey, drawing, or video games, here are some books that will be… Continue reading CTV Your Morning Holiday Picks

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Gorilla Prose: One and Only Ivan Review

What a way to start a new year of reading! This book will require very little convincing to get teachers, librarians and kids to pick it up. It is a rare book that can capture the heart/attention of all three equally. Then again, The One and Only Ivan is a rare book, period. Ivan, a… Continue reading Gorilla Prose: One and Only Ivan Review

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Vietnam in Verse: Inside Out and Back Again

  I love free verse narratives. There is magic in the simplicity and compression of the form and an elegance to the language that you don't always find in prose. So when this ARC arrived, a first person narrative about a young girl fleeing Vietnam and settling in the US, as told through free verse, I snatched… Continue reading Vietnam in Verse: Inside Out and Back Again