The Anonymouse Challenge

Street art serves many purposes: to surprise, delight, claim space, make a statement, promote change, and more! During the pandemic, people have been doing small things to their own yards to create a sense of community or bring joy at a time when we are physically distancing.

Are you ready for the #AnonymouseChallenge?

  1. Go for a discovery walk and take note of anything you see of interest. It might be a mural, a sign, a note on the sidewalk, a garden statue, or something else entirely.
  2. Create something for your own community. Here are some suggestions and photos of things I saw on my own discovery walks in Toronto.

You could draw a picture or write a message using sidewalk chalk:

You could hang something in a window or a tree:

You could paint a rock or find something to display in your yard or garden:

You can even find ways to work with snow:

When you are finished, share your picture online using the hashtag #AnonymouseChallenge or email your submission to for a chance to be featured!